The ‘Cortijo de la Macarena - Fuente Guijarro’ is located in between forests of pines and oaks to the east and west, grasslands and plains to the north towards the 3000 meters high peaks of the Sierra Nevada and to the south ravines, small mountain streams and chestnut groves with numerous meadows and water sources. This is the ideal ecosystem for numerous bird species that we know well and observe since three decades. Every year we enjoy the sighting of migratory birds on their way across the Mediterranean Sea and other gregarious species that nest here. We have installed observatories at strategic locations with utmost respect for the birds. We can observe the entire reproductive process of the numerous bird population : Small birds like quail, tit, thrush, real finch, goldfinch or nightingale and the bigger ones as golden eagle, Bonelli's eagle, mousetraps, driveways, toed, vultures, crows, hawks, azores or falcons and also nocturnal birds as owls, carabos, barn owls, scops and long-eared owls.


It is also possible to make great pictures of the raptor nests from selected hides and permanent observatories that we have installed. Very often in our ornithological tours we come across the rich fauna of these mountains like mountain goats, maximum cinegetic exponent and symbol of these summits.If you wish, I can guide you on your watching tours, yet I am maintaining a close relationship with the bird’s world in general and in particular with the raptors as a falconer. I would recommend to contact me to schedule your stay at our farm and thus to assure to be able to witness the best moments and obtain the best photos of the birds activities depending on the seasons.